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Sudan entered a new political and social era in 2005 when the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) was singned in Nairobi, Kenya. Since sice the end of the condominium rule in 1956, it has been at war with itself.

Before the departure of the condomium administration, the people of South Sudan had asked to be given a federal status within a united Country. The people of Abyei Ngok Dinka, demanded also that their area be rerstored to Bahr al Ghazal Province where its rightfully belongs. The Southern request for a federal status along with  the Ngok Dinka demand was rudely rejected by those who rook over the reigns of power from the colonial administration from the Sudan as a nation state. 

The failure by nothern political elite that took over from the out going colocial administration, to devolve the power base in Khartoum, assuming that they have inherited a homogenious country, unfortunately plunged the country into worst civil wars that took much part of its political life 1955-1972 and 1982 -2005.

As a result of that lack of political will and insight to resolve the national problems by designing good system of governance, the cost of the conflict in term of human lives and properties on the South Sudan and Abyei Area, the main theatres of the conflict, has been enormous. The Ngok Dinka of Abyei, caught between the two warring regions since then have also suffered a great deal throughout the political predicament.

Following the end of the colonial rule, attempts by the successive regimes in Khartoum and the neighbouring Missiriya Arabs to subjugate, marginalize and humiliate the Ngok people have not only failed but has instead increased the resolve of our people for resistance.

The Ngok Dinka of Abyei , needless to stress, have always occupied their present geographical area. The Maps, the historical accounts, the annual reports as well as the oral history testify that the present Abyei Area undoubtedly belongs to the Ngok Dinka. The beauty of history, is that, it can not be cheated or manipulated.
The fact that Ngok Dinka are the rightful owners of their land does not exclude their neighbours to the north or to the south from sharing some of the common resources such as water and grazing. This fact was recognized by the Abyei Protocol in the CPA. The SPLM/A and the Government of Sudan (GOS) can help these two communities to live a peaceful life as good neighbours.


Aims and Objectives of this website

The Abyei Information Centre's (AIC) mission is to provide a source for information about Abyei area and to advocate for actions needed to bring about the full implementation of the Abyei Protocol.  AIC is also provides a networking forum for the scattered members of the Ngok Dinka of Abyei and friends around the globe.

Accurate information is vital for the Sudanese people and the world at large to hold the parties to the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) accountable for their deeds and action so that Abyei Protocol is not only fully implemented but the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA).

It is a known reality that the solution of Abyei problem has been elusive several times during the peace negotiations between the Sudan People's Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A) and the National Congress Party (NCP) government in Khartoum before the sigbning of the peace agreement. It is now clear that the NCP is yet again refusing to implement what has already been agreed upon regarding the Abyei Protocol. The issues at stake in this respect are by no means more complex than other issues contained in the CPA.

However, it has been and still is very apparent that Khartoum will always try to insist in its long-standing practice to overlord the Ngok-Dinka people of Abyei. The state apparatuses have instead continued to engage in attempts to distort history, confuse communal borders and exaggerate the association of Misseryia Arabs with Abyei area to the detriment of the actual inhabitants. The prolonged experience of the Ngok-Dinka of Abyei with successive Khartoum governments is indicated by their systematic abuse and discrimination against the Ngok-Dinka on pure racial and religious grounds.
This objectives of this website therefore are:

  • To provide news, information and monitor development in Abyei area.
  •  To serve as advocacy tool for the full implementation of the Abyei Protocol.
  •  To promote development in the area
  • To expose the atrocities and human rights abuses committed in the area by the Khartoum government and their allied Muraheel militia forces.
  • To link together the scatter Ngok Dinka people of Abyei and friends worldwide



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Cuein A'Yak

Cuein A'yak had been one of Abyei's most famous landmarks since it became the main court centre for Ngok Dinka. Cuei, in Dinka language is the Tamarind tree.  It is alleged that this tree was located inside the compound of a women called Ayak A'jang thus the tree became know as Cuein Ayak A'jang or just 'Cuein A'yak' (the Tamarind tree of Ayak). read more