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Sudan: Breaking the Abyei Deadlock

In a new report about the situation in Abyei, the think-tank International Crisis Group concluded that what happens in Abyei is likely to determine whether Sudan consolidates the peace or returns to war. Progress there would unlock a broader set of problems challenging the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) implementation, just as renewed violence would likely break the CPA. The absence of a local administration and any implementation of the protocol is leading to mounting tension. The political dialogue is at an impasse. To protect Sudan's fragile peace, the international community should urgently re-engage on implementation of the Abyei Protocol, as part of a broader re-engagement on CPA issues. A solution requires political will from Khartoum and the beginning of good faith implementation. Pressure is needed for the National Congress Party (NCP) to accept the 'final and binding' the Abyei Boundries Commission (ABC) report.  To read the full Report clieck here PDF and here for a word document. 

The Abyei Protocol

Abyei Boundary Commission Report

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